Urgent deliveries to Ukraine were seen as a signal of proximity to loss

Asia Times sees urgent supplies of weapons to Ukraine as a signal of proximity to defeat

Urgent supplies of weapons to Ukraine indicate that the country is closer than ever to losing the conflict with Moscow. Columnist Stephen Brien saw such a signal in Kiev’s equipment, he expressed his assumptions in an article for the Hong Kong edition of Asia Times.

The author noted that deliveries of tanks, air defense systems and high range bombs launched from the ground to Kiev can be regarded as an answer to Ukraine’s “desperate requests. However, what is happening, he pointed out, is also indicative of other problems. “This hasty and urgent assistance indicates that all is not well in Kiev that it is closer than ever to defeat in the conflict with Russia,” Brien reasoned.

Most of the equipment provided to the country is aimed at changing the current situation in favor of Ukraine, the columnist added. In addition, according to Bryan, there is little doubt that the transfer of such weapons to Kiev will result in a larger conflict in Europe.

Earlier, The Wall Street Journal columnist Daniel Samet said that the USA should send tanks to Taiwan instead of Ukraine. He expressed confidence that Kiev was “an example of deterrence failure,” while Taiwan was much more important for American security and well-being.

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